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P R E S S   &
P R O J E C T   U P D A T E S


. . . for our first feature, Philodendron, a greenpunk noir film, and our first animated short, Önetta, a gender-bending eco-horror romance.

A b o u t
G H O S T   V I E W   S T U D I O S

Working from our belief in animated film as an art form of rich and endless storytelling possibility, GHOST VIEW is a fledgling animation studio based in Lawrence, Kansas. We strive to tell mesmerizing stories about imaginative worlds that are nevertheless rooted in real human experiences.

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J O I N   U S   
a t   G H O S T   V I E W

Ask about joining our budding crew!  We're new, so we're always looking for more help from anyone with a creative mind and a love of storytellingsomeone willing to dream with us.  After all, starting small means you're always looking up, toward bigger and brighter things.

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